Telstra IP Telephony (TIPT)

Telstra IP Telephony (TIPT). One network based solution for all your business needs and locations

TIPT delivers all the features and functionality of a traditional on-site phone system with the savings, reliability and performance advantages of integrating the Telstra Next IP™ network into your own framework.

IP Telephony doesn’t involve expensive equipment or excessive capital expenditure. Your options range from pre-packaged end-to-end solutions, through to completely customised and configurable solutions based on your commercial, financial and operational needs.

TIPY delivers enhanced functionality

Telstra IP Telephony (TIPT) can improve how your staff respond to customers and colleagues alike. TIPT offers a host of versatile features that can boost business performance. These include Click-to-Call functions (and Presence when integrated with Microsoft® Lync™) to save time and improve productivity, plus Simultaneous Ring and Remote Working to allow staff to respond faster from more places. High-definition voice calling, video and conferencing capabilities can also enhance the speed and efficiency of collaboration.

TIPT is a scalable and flexible subscription-based service

Ideal for large offices, branch offices, remote sites and contact centres, TIPY is a hosted, carrier-grade, open standards solution, that leverages the reach, reliability and security of Australia’s largest fully integrated IP platform.

TIPT offers significant cost and administration advantages.

Designed to operate with existing telephone systems TIPT can help overcome the complexity of managing different communication systems across dispersed sites. A hosted, managed platform can also significantly reduce initial capital expense along with ongoing maintenance and upgrade costs, while freeing your IT staff to focus on more strategic activities. As a further benefit, you can reduce the cost of maintaining a separate voice network by converging your voice and data into one. You can also minimise call costs with on-net calling.

Product Benefits
IMPROVE PRODUCTIVITY: Integration with Microsoft applications allows you to access telephony features with one click, saving you time.
INCREASE RESPONSIVENESS: Staff need never miss a call, can respond faster to urgent matters and can collaborate more easily.
INCREASE MOBILITY: Help mobile staff stay connected through rich communication options.
COST-EFFECTIVE: Minimise the expense of maintaining phone infrastructure and dual networks and only pay for what you use.
LOWER CALL COSTS: Minimise costs with on-net calling.
EASY TO MANAGE: Simple web-based administration, plus usage and service reports that help you forecast capacity requirements.
FLEXIBLE: A scalable solution to grow with your business.

Product Features
Telstra IP Telephony can help make your communications more efficient with features such as:

TIPT Toolbar
The feature-rich TIPT toolbar gives you immediate access to voice service controls to save time and enhance efficiency. The toolbar delivers the following features:

  • outbound click-to-call from Microsoft® Outlook contacts
  • full call control, including answer or desktop pickup, hold, end, three-way conference and transfer or retrieve voicemail
  • automatic login to your web portal with the ability to right-click and dial any phone number that’s highlighted in email messages (Microsoft® Internet Explorer edition)
  •  notification of calls with caller ID from TIPT and Microsoft® Outlook directories
  • the ability to add Microsoft® Outlook contact vCards for new incoming callers
  • simple interface to change settings including call forwarding options
  • corporate and personal directory listing available
  • call history listing
  • a built-in manual for access to help functions during any operation
  • enable web-based database enquiries for incoming telephone numbers.

Microsoft Lync integration
Place voice calls directly from Outlook and SharePoint and see at a glance if contacts are available.

MiReception Console
An integrated, desktop-based, IP Telephony receptionist console to consolidate enterprise-wide receptionist functions.

TIPT Call Centre
TIPT Call Centre is a hosted call centre system that allows you to handle incoming voice calls for single or multiple sites and across multiple numbers. It helps you to improve customer service and manage your inbound calling more efficiently, without adding infrastructure. Two offers are available to choose from – Call Centre Standard and Call Centre Premium which is suitable for larger businesses or more complex call centres.

Video Meeting Room
TIPT Video Meeting Room (VMR) allows users to create and manage multiparty video meetings by dialling a VMR meeting number. Participants with compatible video phones can see each other, whilst audio-only callers can also join in.

TIPT Anywhere
TIPT Anywhere gives you the convenience and flexibility to seamlessly transfer active calls between the desktop and mobile telephone and vice versa. TIPT Anywhere also provides one single phone number for making and receiving calls, offering the convenience and simplicity of streamlined communications internally and to your customers.

High-definition voice calling
Traditional PSTN calls deliver just one quarter of human speech. High-definition technology delivers twice the clarity of ordinary phone calls. This can help reduce listener fatigue, improve concentration and increase intelligibility.

Simultaneous Ring
Simultaneous Ring enables a call to ring on several phones at once. So whether your employees are on their work phone, a Next G® mobile or even a home phone, the first phone that’s answered will be connected to the call.

Remote Office
Remote Office lets out-of-office workers make and receive calls on any phone as if it was their business phone, maintaining a professional presence. This includes call transfers, conference calls and Outlook integration.*
* Provided there is a compatible virtual private network.

Web Attendant Console
A web-based console to monitor users in a business group through graphical displays of user availability and detailed call data.

N-way Call
This allows the you to conference up to eight other people in a call.